Wedding Trouble

Don’t Tie the Knot

Don’t Tie the Knot

A troublesome wedding invitation... 
When Lord Hamish Montgomery learns his brother is getting married, he vows to stop the wedding. After all, his brother is intended for someone else.
A determined bridesmaid... 
Georgiana Butterworth is startled when a handsome Scotsman breaks into her bedroom and brandishes money. Evidently he's mistaken her for her newly engaged sister and is trying to bribe her into not marrying his brother. Georgiana knows one thing: she won't permit this man to ruin her sister's chance for everlasting happiness.
A wedding that mustn't be stopped... 
Hamish may be determined to stop the wedding, but Georgiana is intent to make certain the wedding happens, no matter what she has to do to distract him.
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Dukes Prefer Bluestockings

Dukes Prefer Bluestockings

Series: Wedding Trouble, Book 2
Genre: Historical Romance

Charlotte Butterworth may only be on her first London season, but she already knows she will never marry.

1.) Nothing interests her as much as numbers, a fact others consider worthy of great disdain.

2.) Her mother ran off with the vicar, a position the ton respects only at church.
3.) Charlotte has received some dreadful, utterly shocking news.The last point is the most serious. When the handsome, roguish Duke of Vernon gains possession of this information and seems inclined to share it, Charlotte needs to act quickly.
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